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     Collage and decollage are special techniques of art that use several different materials in order to create
     a two-dimensional artwork consisting of several layers.
     The collages created by the artist Helen Rocker are colorfully super-imposed layers bringing forth the depth
     and volume of their artistic intent.


     From left to right: Vegetation in black-and-white – Collage & Decollage – 80x60cm /
     Shapes in color – Collage & Decollage – 80x60cm


     From left to right: Homage to Le Corbusier – Collage & Decollage – 80x60cm /
     Perfect colors – Collage & Decollage – 80x60cm / Flight – Collage & Decollage – 90x60cm


     From left to right: The path (triptych) – Collage & Decollage – 80x45cm(x3) /
     Not all is bright– Collage & Decollage – 80x60cm


     The series of chairs to be seen in the studio of the artist Helene Rocker is composed of a wide variety of
     organic materials. The connection between the easy, relaxed and natural feeling we experience when sitting
     on these chairs and the natural feel of the materials they are made of lend these creations their artistic value.
     The chairs are made of colored jute fabrics ropes and other materials gleaned from nature around us.


     From left to right: Comfort in nature / Chair of balloons / Mirror chair


     From left to right: Beijing / On the beach / Carmen


     From left to right: Scales of fish / Ropes / Ropes


     Three new works in relief of the artist are currently on show in the courtyard of her studio.
     A relief is actually a sculpture that is not standing in space on its own, but is attached to a surface.
     In some of them the figures protrude from their background, whereas in others the figures retreat to the depth.
     In the works of Helen Rocker the figures come forward as if inviting us to come closer and touch them.
     They send us a message of warmth and relaxation that are truly characteristic of the artist.








     From the “Hey Babe” exhibition